Greg Bartlett
Geralton Guardian
March 2015

One of Australia’s most original and successful comedians rocked Dongara on Saturday night. In a day where puerile humour is the flavour of the month by the masses, Austen Tayshus was a refreshing burst in the Mid West.

He had a great blend of new material, and sharp-improvisation – probably too sharp for the audience -and of course his 1983 smash-hit, Australiana.

Tayshus started off brilliantly and had the audience in fits of laughter, with a very interactive and witty routine.

The man is highly intelligent, and you can’t but help wonder if he’s too intelligent for some of the more “laid-back” audiences who frequent Australian stand-up gigs.

In society where people get caught-up with the politically correct, Tayshus’ straight talking and quick-wit was just what the doctor ordered.

His delivery and polish re-established the fact he is one of the classiest performers in Australia.

Some younger, even slightly older than me, may not quite appreciate just who Austen Tayshus is in Australian comedy.

Australiana is biggest selling single in the continent – remarkable for a spoken word track.

It was massive, huge in pop culture, and well ahead of its time.

It’s full of great puns, and as he rightly explained to Andrew Denton during his 2005 interview with him, it appealed to all demographics that everyone could relate to it.

In 1999 he released Footyana, the football and rugby league equivalent of Australiana.

It was just so witty and originally, it truly made other Australian comedians, look dumb.

As our population grows, our diet becomes more finicky, and you can’t but help wonder if Austen Tayshus’s quick-wit is just too clever for some.

Maybe an IQ should be a pre-requisite for the comedian to get the audience he deserves.

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Melbourne Comedy Festival Review 2006
By Tim Richards
April 26, 2006

“AUSTEN Tayshus has been around long enough for people to ask to hear his old stuff. It’s decades since Australiana went double platinum, but he can recite the wordplay on Australian place names without hesitation.”
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By Stuart Borg
The Arts Centre
April 21, 2006

“Just as there are numerous styles of cuisine, there are numerous styles of comedy and Austen’s is particularly perceptive and dry. Now this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you like your comedy dry, relevant and intelligent then Austen’s your man.”

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Shell Theatrette
Andrew Murfett, Reviewer
April 27, 2007

“90 minutes of stand-up comedy. The sunglass-clad, perpetually self-deprecating Tayshus restlessly moves between jokes, and his shtick of frequently recycling gags only manages to drive his humorous points home further.”
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Austen Tayshus: Australia Day Special
Jim Schembri
August 22, 2006

“The disk includes a funny half-hour off-cut reel and two short films, including the fabulous Intolerance. Definitely not recommended for mixed company, but killer entertainment for everybody else.”
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